Discover Unsurpassed Drilling Solutions at Hy-Torque Drilling

At Hy-Torque Drilling, our dedication to excellence, safety, and innovative technology sets us apart in the drilling industry. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, utilizing cutting-edge technology and highly experienced personnel to ensure optimal results.

Diamond Drilling

At Hy-Torque Drilling, our Diamond Drilling service is more than just creating boreholes. Our advanced drilling machinery coupled with our team’s extensive experience ensures precise core sample extraction, providing you with reliable geological data. We prioritize safety and efficiency, allowing you to base critical project decisions on accurate information.

Track Drilling

Facing challenging terrains is part of the exploration process. With our robust Track Drilling service, we overcome geographical challenges with skill and precision. Our technology and operators are equipped to work through even the toughest terrains, ensuring your project progresses smoothly and efficiently.

Fly Drilling

Our Fly Drilling services are designed for remote and hard-to-reach locations. We utilize heli-portable drilling systems, capable of being transported by helicopter to isolated sites. This allows us to perform rapid, efficient drilling operations, regardless of the logistical challenges posed by the location, keeping your project on track.

Skid Drilling

Our Skid Drilling solutions are designed for efficiency and flexibility. This service involves a skid-mounted drill that can be easily relocated around the site, allowing for rapid response to evolving project requirements. By minimizing non-productive time, we optimize your drilling schedule and overall project cost-effectiveness.

Underground Drilling

Our Underground Drilling service is comprehensive, covering a wide range of underground exploration needs. We use sophisticated technology to ensure safe and precise drilling in complex underground environments. This opens up a wealth of exploration possibilities, allowing for thorough investigation beneath the surface.

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