Hy-Torque Drilling: Your Go-To Company for Diamond Drilling, Golden Triangle Mining, and Stewart BC Mining - Specializing in Underground, Skid, Track, and Fly Drilling Across BC, Yukon, NWT, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Alaska USA

If it ain’t Turnin’, We ain’t Earnin’. Established in 2010, we are a professional, safe, and highly productive diamond drilling company based in Stewart, BC. As a locally owned and family-run business, we bring over two decades of experience to every project we undertake in British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Ontario Canada, and Alaska USA. We bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, and professionalism to every project we undertake.

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Our Equipment

We use state-of-the-art Zinex A5 heli-portable, skid-capable surface diamond drills. All our drills and support equipment are meticulously maintained to ensure minimal downtime, maximize crew safety, and bolster productivity. We believe in utilizing the best equipment to guarantee maximum success for our clients and ourselves.

Diamond Drilling

Our Diamond Drilling service employs cutting-edge technology to extract precise core samples, providing you with key geological data.

Track Drilling

Navigate challenging terrains seamlessly with our Track Drilling service, ensuring steady progress and optimal results.

Fly Drilling

Our Fly Drilling service delivers efficient drilling solutions in remote, inaccessible locations, keeping your project moving forward.

Skid Drilling

Our Skid Drilling solution enables efficient relocation of drilling operations on site, optimizing your drilling schedule and cost-effectiveness.

Underground Drilling

Through our Underground Drilling service, we deliver accurate results in complex underground environments, enabling comprehensive exploration beneath the surface.

Now Serving Alaska

Please connect with us about our Diamond Drilling, Track Drilling, Fly Drilling, Skid Drilling and Underground Drilling services we offer in Alaska, USA

About Us

Hy-Torque Drilling is not just a business, it’s a testament to our commitment to community development and environmental sustainability. Specializing in diamond drilling in BC, including key areas like the Golden Triangle and Stewart BC, we stand out among BC diamond drilling companies for our dedication to excellence. Our work extends beyond just drilling; it’s about fostering respectful, honest relationships with the communities we serve, including the First Nation bands of British Columbia, whose territories host a large number of our projects, especially in regions crucial for Golden Triangle mining and other areas.

We’re more than just drillers; we’re innovators, community builders, and environmental stewards. Our commitment to these values is underpinned by our stringent adherence to regulatory standards. We hold certifications in Liability Insurance, WCB, First Aid, WHMIS, Transportation Dangerous Goods, and Common Core, ensuring that our operations are safe, compliant, and responsible.

Your Success Is Our Success – If It Ain't Turnin', We Ain't Earnin'

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